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Plugin Review – BuddyPress Xprofile Rich Text Field

Plugin Review – BuddyPress Xprofile Rich Text Field

Version Tested: V 0.2.5

BuddyPress Xprofile Rich Text field adds a rich text field option to the range of field types that can be selected for the user Extended Profile in BuddyPress.

Installation is simply a case of installing and activating the plugin, from that point on the rich text field is available to add to you extended profiles.


When the rich text field is selected, the user profile field will include text editor buttons to create the rich text entry.


Note that this plugin also modifies the Xprofile Multi-line text area to be rich text also.

This is a very simple plugin, adding rich text fields to your registration and profile fields is very simple, my only concern is that in some case you might want to have a combination of fields with and without the rich text editor, that does not seem to be an option with this. I give this plugin 9 out of 10.

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