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BuddyPress Customisation Tips

This article attempts to show what type of modification can be made to BuddyPress in order to allow the novice to begin to customise the look and feel of a BuddyPress installation. It is intended that by working this way beginners to BuddyPress can quickly get to grips with the basics of customisation as well as implementing some pretty cool features.

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Plugin – BP Template Overloader

BP Template Overloader is an attempt to make the overloading process much more accessible and easier to manage, it provides a simple yet powerful interface which displays all available overload files along with their status, where overload files are detected it provides a viewer that compares the overload with the current BP master file. Template Overloader also provides the ability to migrate to a Theme Independent Overload. It’s also built to help you migrate to the forthcoming BP-Nouveau theme should you want to.

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Changing the default behaviour of BuddyPress

There are a lot of things that happen by default in BuddyPress that you may have a need to change. For example the types of activities displayed in the activity pages, how many activity items are displayed per page etc. These things can be changed, but you will need to have some knowledge of coding, or be applying a code snippet that you’ve been given.

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What are Code Snippets?

Very often with a BuddyPress site there is a need to make minor changes to the default behaviour of the site not supported by the available settings. Often these changes can be implemented using plugins but in a lot of cases what is required are small sections of code that you will insert into your sites files called Code Snippets.

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