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Plugin – Defaults for BuddyPress Docs

Plugin – Defaults for BuddyPress Docs

This plugin is for admin who host BuddyPress Docs directories with significant numbers of docs in search of an alternative default sort order for the documents directory pages. By default BuddyPress Docs sorts in order to the last document edited. This simple plugin allows for this sort order to be changed, and for the number of documents per page to be increased.

Following download and activation, a new page is available at Dashboard>>Docs>>Defaults, this is as follows:

Through this page you can set the sort order, the column heading to sort-by and the number of docs per page.

This plugin is not for everyone, it was really created as part of my own ventures into programming, so is more of a learning exercise than something that’s likely to become widely used. But if you are looking for a quick way to change these settings, this plugin could be ideal!

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