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Plugin – BP Fan Page

Plugin – BP Fan Page

BP Fan Page is a simple plugin that gives group admin the ability to set the group to be a Fan Page. This means that the Group is labelled as a Fan Page and it turns into an announcement only group which means only the group admin and moderators can add new Activity and Forum posts. Other members can comment on these but not initiate a new entry.

Once the plugin is installed and activated the group admin will see the following options in the group settings:

Setting the group as a fan page means that the group is labelled as a Fan Page, the forum menu item is changed to Announcements and also the Activity and Forum will be set so that only group admin can add new topics.

If you have a lot of Fan Pages then it’s useful to have a tab in the Groups directory page for Fan Pages. You can enable this by adding WBCOM’s BuddyPress Create Group Type and adding a group type for Fan Pages. With this you can set the group type to be Fan Page and you can configure the plugin to show the directory page tab.


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    Thank you for your plugin…your are a godsend! 🙂


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