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Plugin – BuddyPress Restrict Group Creation

Plugin – BuddyPress Restrict Group Creation

BuddyPress Restrict Group Creation is a plugin that allows site admin to be selective over who is able to create groups on their site.

The BuddyPress default is that either all members can create groups or just site admin, in a lot of cases it would be ideal if additional rules could be added, for example to allow only users with a minimum number of friends to create groups. BuddyPress Restrict Group Creation allows this by enabling the site admin to set up a set of rules that would apply to a user capability. Such rules include:

  • Number of days since the user registered
  • Minimum friends count
  • Minimum status count
  • Maximum Groups a capability can create, or be admin in.

BuddyPress Restrict Group Creation was originally created by Rich at Etivite, but after a while became no longer supported. With the agreement and support of Etivite and WordPress BuddyPress User has taken over this plugin and have updated it to support the latest version of WordPress and BuddyPress.



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