Plugin Review – Woosidebars

Version Tested: V 1.4.3

Woosidebars is a plugin that allows you to replace sidebars with those of your own creation on specific pages throughout your WordPress site, technically you could have a different sidebar per page.

Installation is a case of installing and activating the plugin, once you have done that you get a new page – Dashboard>>Appearance>>Widget Areas. It is here where you will setup, view and configure your new widget areas, which will appear within the Dashboard>>Appearance>>Widgets page.

ON testing I found I had issues using this for a BuddyPress installations; whilst I was able to configure new sidebars for my site homepage for example, I was unable to configure sidebars for my BuddyPress static pages such as Activity, Groups etc, even though these pages were listed by the plugin, selecting them and inserting new widgets did not display them on those pages.

Similarly although there are options to select forum pages for new widget areas when I tried this in my simple test setup again this seemed to fail with no new widget area being displayed on any BuddyPress group forum page.

I found using the plugin itself very simple compared to other sidebar plugins that I have tried, if only the basic BuddyPress pages could be supported though, given this lack of support for BuddyPress then I will have to give this plugin 6 out of 10.

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