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Plugin Review – LH Disable BP Registration

Plugin Review – LH Disable BP Registration

Version Tested: V 1.0.1

LH Disable BP Registration is a simple plugin that delivers an alternative to disabling registration via the Dashboard>>Settings>>General page. It seems to have identical functionality with the exception that it also removes the “Login” action from the BuddyPress Toolbar, though a ghost of the BP Toolbar remains in that a black bar is shown at the top of the page with no options.

Installation is simply a case of installing and activating the plugin, no configurations options are available.

I give this plugin 6 out of 10 in that I’m uncertain as to when anyone would actually want to load a plugin to perform a task that can already by handled via WordPress settings. The only time I can think of is if you also wanted to remove the login link from the BP Toolbar, but I would have thought that removing the BP toolbar would be the solution to that rather than adding this plugin.

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