Plugin Review – Invite Anyone

Version Tested: V 1.3.20

Invite Anyone is a BuddyPress plugin that adds a widget allowing site members to invite friends to join the site via email. It also changes the behaviour of group invitations meaning group members can invite non-friends to join the group.

After installing and activating the plugin settings are available in Dashboard>>Settings>>Invite Anyone. Here you can change the content of the invitation email as well as choosing who can use the plugins features, both in groups and the sidebar widget.

a new Invite Anyone widget will appear in Dashboard>>Appearance>>Widgets.


You can edit the Title, test to display and the number of email fields to display in the sidebar widget area.


Once setup, you site members will be able to invite friends quickly and easily.

The plugin also makes changes to the way group invites work, allowing members to invite any site member to the group, not just friends. The name search bar now also has an auto-complete feature, so is quite slick.


The plugin also greats a Dashboard>>BuddyPress Invitations page where you can view and manage the invitations that have been sent.

This is a really great plugin to add to your BuddyPress site, it makes it easier for people to add their friends to the site and also to expand the reach of their group. The plugin comes with great customisation options and usage settings that make it highly flexible. I give this plugin 10 out of 10!

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