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Plugin Review – Inline Image Upload for bbPress

Plugin Review – Inline Image Upload for TinyMCE

Version Tested: V 1.1.14

Inline Image Upload for bbPress is a forum plugin that adds a visual editor tab to forum topics and replies, with the ability for the insert image button to also allow image upload.

Installation is simply a case of installing and activating the plugin. Although it adds a Dashboard>>Images>>Image Upload page there are no settings to change; this page simply informs you how the plugin works.

Once installed the plugin adds the visual tab to bbPress.


Clicking on the insert image button reveals that it also has an image upload option (the folder to the right off the URL field.


This is a simple and effective plugin for bbPress that enhances your forums and adds both the visual editor and an image upload function, it works very well and I give this plugin 10 out of 10. There is a pro version of the plugin that allows a great many options to be changed though I’m not sure most sites would need those.

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