Plugin Review – User Notes for bbPress

Version Tested: V 1.0.0

User Notes for bbPress is a simple plugin that allows bbPress forum administrators to add notes regarding forum users so that these notes can be shared with fellow admin, so it enhances the way that forums can be managed.

Following installation the plugin adds a field below the forum users profile information alongside their forum topic “Toggle User Note”. This is only displayed to the administrators and when they click on it a small field opens up below that topic entry where any existing notes are displayed along with an input box allowing notes to be added. There’s no settings to configure for this so it’s a pretty simple add-on.

I tested this plugin on a “fully loaded” test system with more than 150 plugins running and it worked fine, which is great, however whilst testing it I realised that in practice it would be difficult to work with due to the fact that it does not provide any indication to the administrator that a note has been added for that user.

I’d also like to see the ability to delete notes added to this plugin as well as it recording the time-stamp of when the note was added.

Overall I give this plugin 8 out of 10, it works great but in practice it lacks that important notification feature.

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