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Plugin Review LH Private BuddyPress

Plugin Review – LH Private BuddyPress

Version Tested: V 1.10

LH Private BuddyPress is a simple, single mission plugin with no settings to change, you install and activate it and it immediately turns your BuddyPress site into a private network in so much as once it is active then any attempt by a non logged in user to access any of the BuddyPress pages will be redirected to the login page.

The plugin is as simple as you can get however I would have liked the option to turn off privacy and also it would be nice to be able to choose which page the redirect is to – I think a lot of sites would like the option to redirect to the home page for example.

Nonetheless this one could not come any simpler, I give this plugin 8 out of 10, it is maybe too simple!

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