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Plugin Review – BuddyPress Poke

Plugin Review – BuddyPress Poke

Version Tested – V 1.1.1

BuddyPress Poke aims to provide a Facebook – like “Poke” feature to your BuddyPress Social Network, allowing site members to give each other a prod from time to time!

BuddyPress Poke is an ultra simple plugins with no configuration required, after you have installed and activated it each user profile gets a poke button within the cover image area and also a Profile>>Activity>>Poke page where you can view your poke. Each Poke creates on on-site notification but does not trigger a notification email.

Just like Facebook, users can Poke back at the “pokee”.

This plugin is ultra simple and delivers an effective solution to adding another Facebook like feature to BuddyPress.

I think that this plugin would benefit from showing the total number of Pokes, just like Facebook does and also that the visibility of the Poke page would be improved if it was linked to the Activity section of the BuddyPress drop down menu.

The plugin has been updated to support the BP Nouveau theme.

I give this plugin 9 out of 10, simplicity at it’s best!

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