Plugin Review – BuddyPress Live Notification

Version Tested: V 2.0.1

One of the issues with BuddyPress notifications is that they do not update unless you refresh the page you are viewing, this means that unless you are actively browsing the site then you will not get an on-screen notification. BuddyPress Live Notification fixes that and allows a new notification to appear on the screen without that page refresh.

Installation is simple a case on installing and activating the plugin, there are no settings to configure.

I tested this on a heavily loaded systems and found it worked great, it does what it says it will and I can only give this plugin 10 out of 10.

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I've been setting up and managing BuddyPress social networks for a few years. I moved from Ning and other platforms and have come to BuddyPress looking to make sites with similar features to them.


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