Plugin Review – BuddyPress Group Email Subscription

Version Tested: 3.8.1

BuddyPress Group Email Subscription does what it says. It gives your group members the option to be sent emails based on group activity. It allows group admin to set a default subscription level, which is applied to all new members and it also allows group members to set their own choice. This plugin provides a full range of options both to members and managers alike.

Installation is very straightforward, simply install and activate the plugin and the new group options will be available.

Group managers will have new group settings from within step two of group creation or from the Group>>Manage>>Settings page. This sets the default subscription for new group members. Group members can also access these options in a variety of ways, one way bring via Group>>Email Options.


Group members will also find they can access their email subscription options via the Groups page, for every group that they are a member of they will find a link to change their email subscription level. There is a similar link shown on the Group cover area too.

Group admin are provided with the ability to send email notices to all group members via Group>>Manage>>Email Options and in addition they can set the subscription level of all or individual group members via the Group>>Manage>>Members page.

Site Admins get a new settings page at Dashboard>>BuddyPress>>Group Email Options. From here you can configure the timing of the daily digests, add a global unsubscribe link, choose to allow Group admins to change group member subscription settings and also a useful spam prevention feature that allows you to set the number of days a member has to have belonged to the site before their updates will trigger subscription emails.

For most groups this plugin works great, keeping members informed of what is going on in the groups, however for more complex groups it may be less useful as it does not necessarily support other plugins that could be creating what many would consider notifiable events.

The ability to email group members is an added bonus, together subscriptions and emails make this plugin perfect for groups that require this extra stimulus to user participation. This plugin earns a well deserved 10 out of 10!

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