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Plugin Review – BuddyPress Edit Activity

Plugin Review – BuddyPress Edit Activity

Version Tested: V 1.0.9

BuddyPress Edit Activity is a plugin that allows users to edit their activity updates. The plugin can be set to only allow site admin to edit activity and also you can set a timeout to limit how long after posting an update can be edited.

Installation is simply a case of Installing and activation plugin via Dashboard>>Plugins>>Add New.

Once activated the plugin creates a settings page at Dashboard>>Settings>>BP Edit Activity. From here you can set who can edit activity and if there will be a timeout.

The plugin installs a simple edit button against each editable activity item, clicking on this allows the update to be edited following which the item can be saved. It’s very simple and slick.

I give this plugin 10 out of 10, it’s simple and adds to the BuddyPress experience for your site.

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