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Plugin Review – BuddyDev Username Availability Checker

Plugin Review – BuddyDev Username Availability Checker

Version Tested: V 1.1.1

BuddyDev Username Availability Checker is a simple plugin that checks a new registrants chosen username against those already registered and checks to see if the name has already been used, if it has been used then a warning is displayed telling the registrant to choose a different username before they complete the registration process and therefore improving the workflow for new member registrations.

Checks WordPress new usernames in admin Add User option and in the WordPress Registration page, also checks the username used in the BuddyPress registration page.

Installation is simple, there are no settings to configure, from the minute it is activated the registration form will check the username that is entered and display the outcome of the check (Username available or Username already used).

I give this plugin 9 out of 10, it is ultra simple and odes exactly what it says it does.

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