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Plugin Review – BP Simple Private

Plugin Review – BP Simple Private

Version Tested: V 2.0

BP Simple Private is a Plugin that allows site admins to create fully private networks within their BuddyPress site.

Installation is very straightforward, simply install and activate the plugin, once active the privacy options can be setup via Dashboard>>Settings>>BP Simple Private, on this page you can select each individual BuddyPress component to be private and you can also choose to give posts and pages privacy options.

Each individual BP Component can be set to be private or public, this is useful is you want to make for example the members page public but not the Groups pages, it makes your configuration options more flexible.

For posts and pages you can choose to give each page a privacy checkbox – meaning that you will need to edit each page and set it’s privacy separately. This is a flexible feature but I think it would be nice to be also to set all posts or pages to be private in a single click, for those that want the entire site to be private.

I give BP Simple Private 9 out of 10, it is very simple and dos what it says on the tin.

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