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Pro Plugin – BP Custom Pages Pro

BP Custom Pages Pro is a premium BuddyPress plugin that allows for the creation of private and public custom pages within the users profile.

Plugin – BP Custom Pages

BP Custom Pages is a BuddyPress plugin that allows site admin to set up to 20 custom pages within a BP users profile, to display any information that is required.

Creating Custom URL’s in BuddyPress

Sometimes the default URL provided by BuddyPress is not quite what is required. Recently I had a requirement where the given url was not quite right.

Plugin – BuddyPress Group Chatroom

BuddyPress group Chatroom is a simple chat for BP Groups, it supports the sharing of text and links within a chatroom installed within the GP Group.

Plugin Review – LH Disable BP Registration

LH Disable BP Registration is a simple plugin that delivers an alternative to disabling registration via the Dashboard>>Settings>>General page.

Plugin Review BP Profile Status

BP Profile Status is a BuddyPress plugin that allows site members to set and manage status messages that are displayed on the members profile page within the cover page area.

Plugin Review – BP Simple Private

BP Simple Private is a Plugin that allows site admins to create fully private networks within their BuddyPress site.

BuddyPress Customisation Tips

This article attempts to show what type of modification can be made to BuddyPress in order to allow the novice to begin to customise the look and feel of a BuddyPress installation. It is intended that by working this way beginners to BuddyPress can quickly get to grips with the basics of customisation as well as implementing some pretty cool features.

Plugin – BP Profile Activity Wall

BP Profile Activity Wall is a simple plugin that creates a Facebook – like ‘Wall’ of all users activity – personal, groups, mentions, friends etc. It also makes this the default landing tab for the users profile and has options to remove the other tabs and redirect logged in users from home to their activity page.

Plugin Review – Simple BuddyPress Profile Privacy

Simple BuddyPress Privacy is a plugin that allows BuddyPress users to choose exactly who can see their profile page. They can choose display it to all (public), logged in members, friends only or just themselves.

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