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Plugin Review – BuddyProfileMessageUX Free

BuddyProfileMessageUX Free is a plugin that changes the profile page view option of “Private Message” and “Public Message” into an Ajax pop=up form to write a simple message to the user without needing a additional page load.

Installing BuddyPress Style Modules

BuddyPress Style Modules are an attampt to harmonise the way styling code snippets (CSS) are used in a BuddyPress environment.

Plugin Review – Crowdmentions

The BuddyPress @Mentions is it’s system for sending site members a public message, similar to writing on a users wall in Facebook since the mention will turn up in that users activity stream. @Mentions is normally a one to one thing, if you want to have more than one person in your mention then you must include @member1, @member2 etc. In your activity update.

Plugin Review – BuddyDev Username Availability Checker

BuddyDev Username Availability Checker is a simple plugin that checks a new registrants chosen username against those already registered and checks to see if the name has already been used, if it has been used then a warning is displayed telling the registrant to choose a different username before they complete the registration process and therefore improving the workflow for new member registrations.

Adding a Points System to your BuddyPress site with MyCred

Mycred is a full featured system for awarding points based on member participation at your site, the types of activities that result is points being awarded are entirely configurable and you can install add-ons such as Badges that allow you to create badges to be awarded when certain points levels have been attained. For all it’s power MyCred is pretty simple to install and configure.

Exploring BuddyPress

Now that you have installed BuddyPress and have configured a number of eats features and those of add-ons it’s important that you get to know BuddyPress from a users perspective. This article will take you through some of the basic features of your BuddyPress Installation from a users perspective. The exact range of features available on any site will depend upon which features have been enabled by the site Admin.

Plugin Review – BP Portfolio

BP Portfolio is a plugin designed to allow artists to showcase their images on a BuddyPress Site, the free version supports photo’s whilst the Pro version adds support for video and Audio files. BP Portfolio adds a new page to BuddyPress called projects through which artists are able to showcase their works.

Plugin Review – Buddy Member Stats

Buddy Member Stats is a plugin that displays a range of statistics about BuddyPress site members in a tab on their profile.

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