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Plugin Review – BuddyPress Xprofile Custom Fields Type

BuddyPress Xprofile Custom Fields Type is a BuddyPress plugin that adds a variety of field types to the BuddyPress Extended Profile.

Plugin Review – BP Search

BP Search is a BuddyPress plugin that adds a dynamic drop down lookup list to the search box on the BuddyPress Members page.

Plugin Review – BuddyPress Featured Members

BuddyPress Featured Members is a plugin that allow site admin to identify site members as featured, these members can then be displayed via a Members page filter, sidebar widget or shortcode.

Plugin Review – BP Registration Options

BP Registration Options is a simple plugin designed to do two things: It enables moderation of new BuddyPress users, and it turns a BuddyPress site into a private network.

Plugin Review – BP Activity Share

BP Activity Share is a plugin that allows users to share the activity updates of others, similar to how this can be done on Facebook.

Plugin Review BP Profile Status

BP Profile Status is a BuddyPress plugin that allows site members to set and manage status messages that are displayed on the members profile page within the cover page area.

Plugin Review – BuddyPress Activity Filter

BuddyPress Activity Filter is a plugin that allows you to choose which activities are shown in the sites Activity feed by default and also which activity filters are avilable to site members.

Plugin Review – BP Messages Tool

It is a sad fact that occasionally disputes arise between BuddyPress site members and the site admin is asked to step in and arbitrate. In the case of claimed abuse using private messages then ordinarily this is a difficult task as by default private messages are not visible to the site admin. The BP Messages Tool changes that, it gives site admin the ability to view the contents of messages sent between site users and as such can be of invaluable help during such disputes.

Plugin Review – BP Profile Search

BP Profile Search is a plugin that can integrate an advanced profile search feature into your Members Directory page that searches through all or selected profile fields.

Plugin Review – BuddyPress Simple Events

BuddyPress Simple Events is a plugin that allows BuddyPress users to create events and for those events to be displayed in a sidebar widget so that others can be aware of forthcoming activities. The plugin integrates with the Google Geolocation API and attempts to display a map of the location where the event will be held alongside a description of the event, the date and time and also there is space to link to a URL if this is required.

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