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Plugin – BP Directory Views

BP Directory Views turns the traditional BuddyPress Members and Groups directory lists into a smooth grid view. It works with both the Legacy and Nouveau BP Themes and works to maintain a uniform grid – with no untidy gaps in the grid!

Plugin – BP Profile Home Widgets

BP Profile Home Widgets is a plugin designed to allow the BuddyPress user to personalize their profile by allowing user defined widgets to be added to the BP Nouveau Home Page widget area. It also adds widget areas to the BP Legacy profile page to allow the plugin to be used there.

BP Featured Groups adds on the Groups Directory the ability for site admin to select groups as being featured. The plugin includes a shortcode and a widget which allow the featured groups to be displayed anywhere on the site.

Plugin – BP Fan Page

BP Fan Page is a simple plugin that gives group admin the ability to set the group to be a Fan Page. This means that the Group is labelled as a Fan Page and it turns into an announcement only group which means only the group admin and moderators can add new Activity and Forum posts. Other members can comment on these but not initiate a new entry.

Plugin – BP User Widgets

BP User widgets is a plugin that allows BuddyPress site admin to ad a user customizable set of widgets to a sidebar in the users profile pages. It provides users with the ability to significantly personalize their profile pages in order for the profile to better reflect the users personality.

Setting up BuddyPress for the First Time

This article is going to take you through setting up BuddyPress for the first time. It is geared towards people trying to set up Social Networking sites with features similar to those available with Ning or other hosted Social Network providers, as such it assumes that you will want all of the features of BuddyPress, plus a few more (well, a whole bunch more!).

Setting up WordPress ready for BuddyPress

Before installing BuddyPress it’s best to get your basic WordPress installation configured correctly, this in itself can be quite a complex task and there are going to be many aspects of this that I will not have space here to go into in detail but what I hope to achieve in this post is to give you a basic idea of what is needed and to get yourself in a position to run and install BuddyPress on a firm platform.

Plugin Review – BP Who Favorited

BP Who Favorited is a simple plugin that adds the profile images of the last three users to favorite a particular activity item.

Plugin Review – BP Required Field Reminder

BP Required Field reminder is a simple plugin that enforces required profile fields by redirecting any user on logging in to their Edit Profile page, it also highlights the required firld in red.

Plugin – BuddyPress Restrict Group Creation

BuddyPress Restrict Group Creation is a plugin that allows site admin to be selective over who is able to create groups on their site.

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