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Plugin Review – BuddyProfileMessageUX Free

Plugin Review – BuddyProfileMessageUX Free

Version tested: V 1.5

BuddyProfileMessageUX Free is a plugin that changes the profile page view option of “Private Message” and “Public Message” into an Ajax pop=up form to write a simple message to the user without needing a additional page load.

Installation is simply a case of Installing and Activating the plugin, there are no settings to configure.

After installation, when you view another users profile, there is no change to the profile page view, the change happens when you click on the “Private Message” or “Public Message” buttons. Now instead of loading a page to enter the message, a pop-up appears on the screen, allowing you to enter the message subject and content and send it – Simple!

I like this plugin, I give it 9 out of 10, it’s simple and saves your users a valuable page load, we need to minimise these in BuddyPress.

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