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Buddy Notification Bell

Version Tested: 1.0.1

Buddy Notification bell is a BuddyPress plugin that adds dynamic notifications plus an audio queue to BuddyPress, in additions the plugin comes with a shortcode to display a notification bell selectively within a page, Whenever the user gets a notification a “bell” will sound and they will be able to click on the notification in order to view the notification.

Installation is a case of downloading and activating the plugin, there are no settings to set but you will need to add the shortcode to any page that you wish to add this notification feature.

This is a simple but effective plugin for adding dynamic notifications to BuddyPress. the additional shortcode add’s flexibility to the options available to the site admin.

That being said the plugin works well enough and means you can selectively add these types of notifications of the pages of your choice.

If I had suggestions for future features it would be the ability to turn on and off the bell sound for each user, and the ability to change the bell sound for the administrator. Not everyone wants to hear a notification and website owners value the ability to personalise their installation.

Overall I give this plugin 9 out of ten.  At the time of writing there is no support forum so it’s difficult to recommend completely. The plugin creator does provide an email address for you to contact them however the “half done” nature og the WordPress plugin directory page does not inspire me with confidence.

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