Plugin Review – BP Avatar Hover

Version Tested – V 1.0

BP Avatar Hover is a simple plugin which adds the feature where if the mouse pointer is floated over a users avatar picture then a “bubble” of information will show up, showing that persons friends count, the avatar (and link to) three of their friends and also a link to send a message to that user.

The application is simple to install, there are no configuration settings to play with so its simply a case of installing the plugin and activating it.

The look and feel of the Avatar Bubble itself is quite nice, showing a circular image of the user and their friends, so this simple application can be added to any BuddyPress site and would enhance it.

If I was to suggest enhancements for this plugin it would be to give the admin the ability to control what sort of information is displayed. One very useful item that could be added here would be the @mentions name for the user, and the ability to post an @mention to that user, I’m sure there are other useful options that could be added, such as displaying that members groups instead of their friends.

Overall I give this plugin a 9 out of 10, it’s simple and stylish and is responsive in that it does not take too long for the bubble to load. Well done to the developer!

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