Plugin Review – BP Auto Group Join

Version Tested – V 1.0.1

BP Auto Group Join is a plugin which allows site admin to configure groups which all existing site members and/or all new registrations will be automatically joined to. The plugin creates in the Dashboard>>Groups>>GroupName view additional options: to auto-join all new registrants, and to auto-join all existing members.

Installation is quick and simple, once you have installed and activated the plugin the options become automatically available within the Dashboard Group pages, from there you simply need to check the relevant box and click on save and the auto-join process is implemented.

Although there is a settings page, you would only ever need to go there if you bought the premium add on plugin BuddyPress Member Types, which allows you to set up specific members types which would enable a fine tuning of who is auto-joined. For example site editors could be auto joined into one group and site contributors auto joined into another.

I found BP Auto Join very useful as on a number of my sites I have shared galleries where you need to be a member of a group in order to upload images there, I’m sure many other BuddyPress sites have similar requirements.

There’s a useful short video explaining how it works:


Note: the version of this plugin available in the repository currently has a problem in that if it is used to add members to groups at registration it throws a string of errors at the newly joining member after the registration form has been completed. A fixed version of the plugin is available here. The plugin developers will be updating the repository version soon.

I give this plugin 9 out of 10, it’s simple to use and effective, well done to BuddyBoss, the plugin developers.

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