Plugin Review – BP Restricted Signup by Email Domain

Version Tested: V 1.0.0

BP Restricted Signup by Email Domain is a plugin that allows a site administrator to set domain whitelists for user signups. This means that if you only want to allow members with a address you can, or more likely, people with a .edu mail account.

Installation is a case of Installing and activating the Plugin and then heading to Dashboard>>Settings>>BuddyPress>>Options and setting the whitelisted (Allowed) signup domains. You can also edit the message that is displayed before and after signup, as well as on rejection.

I found that this plugin worked perfectly on an install with over 150 BuddyPress related plugins so it’s well written, the WordPress plugin page also clearly informs you how to configure the plugin.

This type of restriction will significantly reduced registration spam on BuddyPress Networks where this kind of restriction is feasible so the plugin should find itself useful in niche applications.

I  give this plugin 9 out of 10, it’s simple and does exactly what it is intended to do, it’s designed for a niche market though and will not gain huge numbers of installs.

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