Using BuddyPress for Social Networks

Associating WordPress Blogs to BuddyPress Groups

Associating WordPress Blogs to BuddyPress Groups

This article is part of a series about installing and configuring BuddyPress for social networks, if you have not read my previous article I recommend you do.

You would think that WordPress being such a great blogging platform that BuddyPress would take full advantage of that; unfortunately not, BuddyPress seems to have ignored WordPress blog posts pretty much entirely, which I feel is a great shame.

However, there is a way of getting a basic level of association between specific blog categories and Groups by using the Blog Categories for Groups plugin, and you can make it that comments to those blogs appear as topic replies in that particular groups forum.

Associating a blog category to a Group

BuddyDev’s Blog Categories for Groups allows you to create a group specific blog category and associate it with a group, in fact you can have several categories. Simply install the plugin and create your category (Dashboard>>Posts>>Categories), then the group admin can configure the group to recognise that blog category as associated with the group, once that is done a new group page will appear called “Blogs” and clicking on it will display the latest ten blogs in that category. I have asked the developer to add pages to this view so that more than ten blogs can be viewed, I’m hopeful that this will be produced soon.

Ensuring Blog Comments are added as Group forum topics

bbPress Topics for Posts is a plugin which once installed adds to a posts Discussion section a new check box “Use a bbPress Forum Topic for comments to this post”, once this is selected a further drop down appears giving the post author the ability to choose the forum of their liking within which comments will be posted. If a group forum is selected then only members of that group will be allowed to comment and the comments will show up as replies to a forum topic that is set up automatically when the post is published.

BuddyDev also have a plugin called Link Page to Groups which links a page to a group and makes that page a new page within the group, I’ve not tested this yet but it could be worth looking at.


Within this article I have shown how blog posts can be associated with groups and comments on those posts can be held in the group forum, for a standard install this is the only way I know of associating a blog to a group, for MultiSite installs there is also BuddyPress GroupBlog however I do not run MultiSite so I’ve not tested it.

In the next article in this series I will take you through Using MediaPress to add media to your site.

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