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Plugin Review – BP Avatar Hover

BP Avatar Hover is a simple plugin which adds the feature where if the mouse pointer is floated over a users avatar picture then a “bubble” of information will show up, showing that persons friends count, the avatar (and link to) three of their friends and also a link to send a message to that user.

Plugin Review – Mass Messaging for BuddyPress – by Alkaweb

Mass Messaging for BuddyPress by Alkaweb is a plugin that allows for the sending of messages to large or small groups of members. It allows site administrators to send messages to all members, to all members of specific groups and to all members of specific user types.

Plugin Review – WPT Custom Mo File

Ever wanted to change the default wording of your WordPress/BuddyPress site? WPT Customer Mo File will allow you to do that.

Plugin Review – Content Aware Sidebars

Content Aware Sidebars is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create page specific sidebars that replace or merge with the default theme sidebars. The plugin comes with built in support for BuddyPress pages. Content Aware Sidebars has been created for those sites that want to create a unique look on some or all pages by allowing for page specific sidebar content.

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