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Plugin Review – Wise Chat

Plugin Review – Wise Chat

Version Tested: V 2.5

Wise chat is a simple chat plugin that installs a chat page on your WordPress site allowing site users both registered and non-registered to interact together via a basic chat application.

Installation is very straightforward, install and activate the plugin and then place the Wise Chat shortcode on the site page where you would like the chat to appear.

There are a wide range of chat settings available via Dashboard>>Settings>>Wise Chat Settings. Here you can change numerous defaults settings relating to allowing anonymous access, Chat opening hours, Message length, the emoticons that are enabled, The colour scheme used, size of the message area, Moderation options, chat channels, banned words filters etc. Altogether the settings provide a comprehensive range of options for you to configure the Wise Chat plugin to your satisfaction.

Using Wise Chat is pretty simple and straightforward, in fact Wise Chat is ideal for sites that want to create a simple chatroom for their members that includes advanced options such as moderation.

There is also a Pro version of Wise Chat that allows for the creation of BuddyPress group chat room and the ability for members to private chat to each other.

I found that in practical use there were problems with formatting of this chat for different themes, it works great in the 2015 theme but in other themes I tested there were serious layout issues that would need to be fixed via the site CSS, so this may not be “Plug and Play” for some users. Also since Wise Chat uses your own server to pass the messages about, I suggest that it will not scale well for larger numbers of users or a heavily used site. With that in mind I give this plugin 8 out of 10 in that it is a simple, free chat plugin that supports unlimited users, it’s simple to install and does exactly what it says it will.

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