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Plugin Review – BuddyPress Follow

Plugin Review – BuddyPress Follow

Version Tested: V 1.2.2

BuddyPress Follow allows members of a BuddyPress social network to follow each other, it places follow buttons on each members profile and in the members page and adds extra tab’s in each members profile page, one showing who is following you and the other showing who you are following.

Installation is each, simply install and activate the plugin, there are no settings to change.

This plugin works like a dream and it works with all the buddypress notification types that you have enabled on your site. When you are followed and you have the Desktop notifier enabled then you will get a pop-up notification, a BuddyPress Toolbar notification and a notification email – you are left in no doubt that you have just been followed!

The plugin inserts itself well into the BuddyPress system of menu’s and tabs, adding “Following” and “Followed” buttons in a number of places.

I give this plugin 10 out of 10, it is simple to install and use and delivers a fully functional following system.

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