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Plugin Review – BP Registration Options

Plugin Review – BP Registration Options

Version Tested: V 4.3.3

BP Registration Options is a simple plugin designed to do two things: It enables moderation of new BuddyPress users, and it turns a BuddyPress site into a private network.

Installation is straightforward: Simply install and activate the plugin, this will provide you with a new Dashboard Menu item – BP Registration, from here you can both change the plugin settings and manage new user registrations.

Going to Dashboard>>BP Registration>>BP Registration takes to to the plugin settings, here you can enable new member moderation, set the network to private and edit the new emails BP Registration Options introduces and also arrange for new user notifications to be sent to admin.

Enabling New Member Moderation means that all new members following the registration process will receive an email informing them that they need to be approved by the site admin, this message is also displayed after they have registered and activated their accounts. Until they have been approved they will not be able to interact with any BuddyPress pages other than to upload a profile avatar.

For the site admin, new memberships now cause two emails to come out, one informs them that they have a new member to moderate and the other tells them that they have a new member on the WordPress side of the site. What this means is that users have access to the WordPress features but will not be able to join groups etc. The email from BP Registration Options includes a link to take the admin to the Dashboard>>BP Registration>>Member Requests page where they can view details of the new registrant and approve or reject their membership.

Enabling a private network means that any requests to access BuddyPress Pages from not logged in users will be redirected to the site home page.

Overall BP registration options works very well, it does what it says on the time. I do however this that it would be nice if new member registration could be extended to the WordPress side of things as well, so that unmoderated new members do not have the opportunity to create blog posts for example (depending on what the default new member roles is). Similarly it would be nice to have the option to make other site pages part of the private network – posts and some pages for example. I give this plugin 9 out of 10.

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