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Plugin – BP Profile Shortcodes Extra

Plugin – BP Profile Shortcodes Extra

BP Profile Shortcodes is a fork of BuddyPress Profile Shortcodes, there were a number of bugs and deprecation notices affecting that plugin and it had not kept up to date with new BP features such as cover-images. I’ve felt for a long time that this plugin missed a number of key features, so I decided to fork it. I did offer my code to the plugin developers but I’ve not had a response and after a month of waiting I decided to released my forcked version as a new plugin in the Repo.

BP Profile Shortcodes Extra maintains the features introduced in the original plugin, it provides shortcodes to display the username, display name, profile url, avatar photo etc. but in addition it provides the ability to display the users cover image, the profile header and lists of the users friends and group memberships.

I also decided to add a similar set of features for groups, so now you can display links to group pages, the group avatar, cover image and header and also list the group members.

I can see me adding quite a few more features to this plugin as what I really want to provide is a flaxible way to all site admin to create member dashboards etc, basically an alternative to heavy theme customisation in order to provide members pages that display the right information.

The complete feature set is as follows:

Member Profile Shortcodes

* Display Name – As text or a link to the members profile page.

* Username – As text or a link to the members profile page.

* Avatar or Profile Image – As an image, url or link to the members profile homepage.

* Cover Image – As an image, url or with a link to the members profile homepage.

* Profile Header – A collection of cover image, avatar and @username, with the username being a link to that members profile.

* Profile Fields – You can display information from any of the profiles Xprofile fields.

* Profile Edit link – link the the users edit profile page

* Profile Lists – provide friends and groups lists – Three list styles – List, avatar grid and avatar list. Group lists support group memberships, groups created and groups administered by the user.

* If no user_id is specified in the shortcode, the details of the member viewing that page will be displayed.

Group Shortcodes

* Group Links – provide links to any group page (home, activity, forum etc.

* Group Avatar Image – as an image or lnk to the group homepage

* Group Cover-Image – as an image or a link to the group homepage

* Group Header – including cover-image, avatar and group name with link to group homepage.

* Group Member List – three different list styles – text list, avatar grid and avatar list.

* Group ID must be specified as either the Group Id or the Group slug.

BP Profile Shortcodes Extra fills a gap where site members need to display profile or group information in posts, more advanced users could use it as a basis to create custom dashboard pages for users, a single page can be created and added to the users navbar in order to fully integrate the shortcode functionality with existing BuddyPress pages.

I’m open to further suggestions as to how to further develop this plugin. I’ve already got a god list of possible developments but I’d really appreciate some user feedback. I’ve added a lot of custom CSS attributes to help you style these page elements and it would be really good to see how this works in practice.



    • James on April 17, 2018 at 6:14 pm


    This plugin is amazing.
    I am new to webpage design and I am having an issue with the style attribute in the shortcode. I am wanting to add a 5px solid border with a radius of 25px around a users avatar by adding the style option to the shortcode [bpps_profile_avatar_url]. Is this possible via the shortcode style option?

      • Venutius on April 17, 2018 at 6:37 pm
      • Author


      Hi James,

      Yes you can simply add style=”border-radius: 25px;” etc. to the shortcode and it should work.

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