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Plugin Review – BP Better Registration

BP Better Registration is a plugin that breaks down the BuddyPress Login process into byte-sized chunks, simplifying and extending registration to include uploading the Users Avatar photo, joining groups and adding friends.

Plugin Review – BuddyMedia

BuddyMedia is a simple BuddyPress plugin that adds image sharing to your social networks, it adds user albums (galleries) and image insertion into activity streams throughout BuddyPress.

Plugin Review – BuddyPress Force Profile Photo

BuddyPress Force Profile Photo is a BuddyPress Plugin that forces site members to upload an avatar image before they are able to use any aspect of your site, whichever page they visit they will be redirected to the upload profile image page with a message informing them of this.

Plugin Review – BuddyPress Profile Visitors

Do you want to inform site members of any other site members who have been visiting their profile? Then BuddyPress Profile Visitors provides a simple way of adding a total visit count together with a drop down display of recent visitors, for some sites, it could be the perfect way of people getting to know each others.

Plugin Review – WP Custom Sidebars

WP Custom Sidebars is as WordPress plugin that allows you to replace the any default sidebar with one specific for that page or post etc.

Plugin Review – Woosidebars

Woosidebars is a plugin that allows you to replace sidebars with those of your own creation on specific pages throughout your WordPress site, technically you could have a different sidebar per page.

Plugin Review – LH Disable BP Registration

LH Disable BP Registration is a simple plugin that delivers an alternative to disabling registration via the Dashboard>>Settings>>General page.

Plugin Review – BuddyPress Live Notification

One of the issues with BuddyPress notifications is that they do not update unless you refresh the page you are viewing, this means that unless you are actively browsing the site then you will not get an on-screen notification. BuddyPress Live Notification fixes that and allows a new notification to appear on the screen without that page refresh.

plugin Review – BP Favorite Notification

By default, BuddyPress does not inform the poster when someone Favorites their content, this plugin adds that notification, so members know when people like their content.

Setting up Site Members with BuddyPress

Possibly the most important task in setting up your BuddyPress Social Network is with regards to how you configure members and their profiles. This article attempts to describe the basic steps required in configuring BuddyPress ready for your new membership. Of course the exact details will vary from site to site however there are common factors that affect all sites.

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