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Plugin Review – BuddyPress Activity Filter

BuddyPress Activity Filter is a plugin that allows you to choose which activities are shown in the sites Activity feed by default and also which activity filters are avilable to site members.

Plugin Review – BP Messages Tool

It is a sad fact that occasionally disputes arise between BuddyPress site members and the site admin is asked to step in and arbitrate. In the case of claimed abuse using private messages then ordinarily this is a difficult task as by default private messages are not visible to the site admin. The BP Messages Tool changes that, it gives site admin the ability to view the contents of messages sent between site users and as such can be of invaluable help during such disputes.

Plugin Review – BP Simple Private

BP Simple Private is a Plugin that allows site admins to create fully private networks within their BuddyPress site.

Plugin Review – Honorific BuddyPress Usernames

Plugin Review – Honorific BuddyPress Usernames Version Tested: V 1.0 Honorific BuddyPress Usernames is a plugin that adds honorary […]

Plugin Review – BuddyPress Activity Shortcode

BuddyPress Activity Shortcode is a plugin that allows you to display activity items on any page you like.

Plugin Review – Display Widgets SEO Plus

Display Widgets SEO Plus is a WordPress plugin that gives you control over the circumstances where a widget will be displayed. It’s an alternative to building multiple sidebars for pages, with Display Widgets SEO Plus you put all of your widgets in the default sidebar and then choose on a widget by widget basis exactly where that widget will be displayed.

Hardening BuddyPress Against Spammers

One of the first major issues that hits anyone who has set up a public social networking site with BuddyPress is the about of spam that you have to deal with. Unless you have taken steps to prevent spammers getting access to your site then your life could be hell! This article explains how to configure your WordPress/BuddyPress site in order to avoid the maximum amount of spam.

Pro Plugin Review – Content Aware Sidebars Pro

Content Aware Sidebars Pro is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create page specific sidebars that replace or merge with the default theme sidebars. The plugin comes with built in support for BuddyPress pages. Content Aware Sidebars Pro has been created for those sites that want to create a unique look on some or all pages by allowing for page specific sidebar content.

Troubleshooting your BuddyPress Network

With WordPress/BuddyPress typically problems arise from three areas – Plugin conflicts, Theme issues and Software Bugs. if something is not working then typically you would take the following steps:

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